World-class vaults to protect all that you value

A robust bullion trading platform requires equally excellent secured storage facilities. For total peace of mind, we have high security bonded storage facilities with Certis CISCO (Singapore’s Largest Auxiliary Police Force) and with KC DAT (Singapore) Pte Ltd’s vault in the Singapore Freeport. These two facilities represent the epitome of secured storage facilities in Singapore.

Our storage solution includes comprehensive measures such as our F.A.C.T Protocol which tracks the movement, storage and trades of all bullion in our care, every step of the way.

Storage Fees that includes Insurance Coverage

Our fully allocated and segregated storage facilities within Singapore’s most secure vaults are fully insured. Member’s of the exchange can now enjoy having their bullion stored with us and have access to instant liquidity should they require it via the Exchange.

Personal Storage in Singapore’s Most Secure Location Now Available

SGPMX Member’s now have access to their own private safe deposit boxes within the safe confines of LE Freeport.This facility is operated by Fine Art Logistics Natural Le Coultre.

Drop us an email to enquire about private safe deposit boxes for rent.

Request For Safe Deposit Box
Available boxes
TYPE Dimensions (Interior)
W x D x H
Maximum Load Price Per Year
2 26.5 x 41.3 x 9.85 cm 11 kgs SGD 480.00*
4 26.5 x 41.3 x 19.85 cm 11 kgs SGD 660.00*
15 26.5 x 41.3 x 74.85 cm 11 kgs x 2 SGD 1,500.00*
* +7% GST
  • Located in the high security zone of Le Freeport Singapore
  • Maximum security and controlled 24/7/365 access
  • Stylish natural aluminum finish
  • Box numbers are engraved
  • Each box has double mechanical cylinder locks
  • Customer receives 2 client keys (SGD 500.00 refundable deposit)
  • Optional Key “safe keeping” on demand (SGD 200.00 p.a.)
  • 4 visits per year included in the basic price
  • Bespoke Value Add services available
  • Extra: Insurance coverage, annual premium rate is 0.1%

Promotion: 1 year free when you sign pay for 3 years upfront (3+1) which is a 33.3% rebate. The offer is only for a limited period time only and subject to availability.

Buy, store, trade and ship your bullion from anywhere around the world privately, conveniently and securely on one single platform.