Bring the value of gold to your fingertips.

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    Asset Transfer Service

    Relocate your bullion to Singapore and enjoy the many benefits of storage with SGPMX

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    Jewellery Swap Service

    Have some Jewellery or Gold/Silver Scrap?
    Monetise them today at special rates!

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    Gold & Silver Accumulation Account

    Build your portfolio in physical bullion from as little as US$10 a month.

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    Individual Retirement Account

    You can now securely store your physical bullion in Singapore

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    Personal Storage

    Your own private safe deposit boxes in LE FREEPORT

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    Live Gold & Silver Price Chart


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    SGPMX, The world's safest storage and trading platform at Le Freeport Singapore

    Move your gold offshore affordably & anonymously

    Asset transfer services, offshore gold and silver IRA, and gold collateralized options in the safest gold storage jurisdiction in the world.

    Enjoy more than 200 bullion products from world-renowned mints.

    Buy, store, trade and ship your bullion from anywhere around the world privately, conveniently and securely on one single platform.