About Us

We are Singapore Precious Metals Exchange (SGPMX), the world’s first precious metals exchange that is 100% backed by physical bullion.

Secure, Private, Tax-Free

SGPMX provides our global members an environment to diversify and preserve their wealth into physical bullion. Headquartered out of the highly secured storage facility at Le Freeport Singapore, our members can monetise their bullion in storage via our peer-to-peer trading platform. SGPMX also provides a number of bespoke services including jewellery and bullion swaps, bullion transfers, secure logistics, and gold & silver collateralisation/loans via our lending partners. Over the last decade we have built a robust and secured foundation where transaction execution is seamless, secured and private. Join us today and leverage on our solutions platform.

Victor Foo
Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Your Solutions Provider

Problems private investors face when storing and selling gold in the open market:

High spreads
Potentially procure counterfeit products
Issues with liquidity

SGPMX was set up to address and counter the problems that come with ownership of physical precious metals, making ownership even more secure, transparent,and convenient. With our F.A.C.T. report, we ensure that all bullion that enters our vault is tracked, monitored, and reconciled.

Advantages of Trading with SGPMX

Gold Stacked

Ease of Use

Buy and sell conveniently online on our user-friendly web and mobile interface.

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Real-time Liquidity

Trade (buy/sell) bullion at your desired price and quantity via our peer-to-peer trading platform and Asset Conversion Exchange platform 24/7.


Trade on Demand

Access our precious metals market at any time of the day from any part of the world and transact at real time prices.

Peer to Peer

Peer-to-Peer Trades

Gain access to trade with other members of SGPMX, including over 10 internationally renowned partner mints.


Genuine Traders

Deal with only genuine participants on the platform as all users goes through a stringent Know-Your-Customer process.

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Enjoy low trading costs as our precious metals are directly sourced from recognised mints.


Certified Uncirculated Bullion

Transact seamlessly as physical bullion are readily pre-stored within the SGPMX ecosystem, and allocation is reassigned based on the transaction. Upon successful trades, bullion ownership and cash is transferred at real time.


Regulatory Compliance

Be rest assured that your money is not at risk of money laundering or terrorism financing as SGPMX is a registered dealer of Ministry of Law, Singapore and operates within the confines of the laws of Singapore.


Robust and Secure

Be at ease as SGPMX is the only licensed bullion company by Singapore Customs to operate at the state-of-the-art storage facility at Le Freeport Singapore, where all traded bullion is allocated and undergoes a comprehensive tracking via F.A.C.T. Protocol.

Be one of our many proud owners of fully backed bullion today.