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    Guiding us to stay on the path of our core values.

    Independent Advisory Board

    The SGPMX Independent Advisory Board’s duties are advisory and consultative. The board advises, consults with, and makes recommendations to the management of SGPMX. The board aspires to return investment in precious metals to tangible and physical means, free of derivatives by providing an independent market making system based on spot prices for gold and silver.

    The purpose of the Independent Advisory Board are:

    • To provide bullion industry leadership and overseeing the transparency, health and management of the Exchange.
    • To develop programs pertaining to education and advocacy programs that will stimulate the demand for physical precious metals.



    Corporate Governance

    The Corporate Governance Committee ensures transparency and good corporate governance of the Exchange. The committee will review and approve the external auditors’ reports, and are asked to ensure the integrity of the Management Team of SGPMX as well as to uphold the highest ethical standards.


    Social Responsibility

    The Social Responsibility Committee is tasked to identify and run programs that give back to society. A foundation was established to provide opportunities to underprivileged children such as education.

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    Education & Outreach

    The Education & Outreach Committee will be tasked to create precious metals advocacy programs designed to educate and promote physical bullion as the trusted method of wealth storage and to return the luminance of bullion in the eyes of investors.

    The education is also aimed at assisting children and young adults to achieve an appropriate level of financial literacy with an underlying focus on precious metals.

    Independent Advisory Board Members

    Professor Koon Yat (Patrick) Wong

    Prof. Wong is an Expert on foreign-exchange, commodity, stock, bond and global financial market. He has more than 30 years of investment experience and is one of the most popular financial market commentators in Hong Kong. He is also currently a member of the Chartered Management Institute, the Associate of Cost and Executive Accountants and the Association of Taxation and Management Accountants.

    Professor Michael Tay

    Prof. Michael Tay is the Founder of SingJazz, an annual international jazz festival in Singapore and has established the Foundation for The Arts and Social Enterprise which acts like a venture capitalist in the arts space. In 2006, as the Singapore Ambassador to Russia, he initiated the Russia-Singapore Business Forum, which became the only global business platform to which Russians and CIS businessmen congregated in significant numbers. In 2011, he was awarded the Pushkin Medal by the Russian President for his significant contribution to the cultural ties between Russia and Singapore.

    Dato Raymond Liew

    Dato’ Raymond Liew is the President of McMillan Woods Global, an independent member firm of McMillan Woods Global network. He is also a Trustee of the Malaysian Accountancy Research & Education Foundation and is a Council member of the Chartered Taxation Institute of Malaysia (CTIM).

    Ranjit Singh

    Ranjit Singh is a general litigator with vast experience and appears regularly in the High Court and Federal Court of Malaysia. Besides representing and advising public listed companies and professionals, Ranjit also acts as counsel to the Malaysian Bar’s compulsory insurance scheme.

    Ralph Liew Siew Loong

    Ralph Liew Siew Loong has over 50 years of working experience in sales, distribution, agency development, marketing, management, education, training, consulting, and advisory services. He is the Philippines Chair for the International Association of Registered Consultants, Director of Medifast Malaysia Sdn Bhd, and is the Chairman for Brandseku Security Solutions Inc, Nitto Green Technologies Development Inc, and Kosligen Wealth Management Inc. He was awarded the Loren Dunton Memorial award by IARFC for his contributions to financial planning.



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