Welcome to Singapore

Dynamic, multiracial and multicultural

Welcome to the main gateway of Asia! Singapore is well known in the investment community for its trade. The country is also the 4th largest financial center and foreign exchange trading center in the world, and its success in global trade is complemented by its strategic location, a skilled workforce, low tax rates and advanced infrastructure. Backed by these strong factors, the new melting pot of Asia has attracted over 7,000 multinational corporations from across the globe.

The top 3 fundamentals that make Singapore a favorable place to invest in:

Desirable location

Many people marvel at the beauty of Singapore. Rich in contrast and colors, this tiny island measuring approximately 710 km² is home to a vibrant blend of culture, cuisine, arts and architecture surrounded by ultra modern high-rise buildings, manicured gardens and century old precincts. Although small in size, Singapore commands an enormous presence in the world today and is the central sea port along major shipping routes. It has a strategic location and is well-connected to key destinations around Asia and the Pacific.

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Well diversified

Its strategic location on major sea lanes and its industrious population offer global investors unparalleled access to global markets. The country continues to be well regarded as a triple A rated economy with strong growth potential, and major industries include electronics, oil and gas, shipping, financial services, chemicals, biomedical sciences and research, life sciences and more, making Singapore a multi-faceted business and financial hub.

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Resilient economy

Singapore boasted the world’s fastest growing economy with a GDP growth rate of 17.9% in year 2010. With only 1.6% of its land mass suitable for agriculture and a need to import almost everything, including water, Singapore manages to gain a trade surplus, not to mention it has a balanced budget and a stable currency!

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Singapore, a safe haven for your precious metals.