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  • Round-the-clock security so you can sleep ASSURED.

    All bullion products are stored in world-class vaults. Bullion is stored in Le Freeport Singapore own highly secure bonded facility. Your precious metals are individually allocated and dedicated. You own what you own and your bullion is not part of a bigger allocation. Your precious metals in storage are your legal, physical property.

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    World Class Facilities + Solid Operational Procedures + Third Party Oversight = Total Peace of Mind

    We regularly APPRAISE ourselves, so we will
    be ready when you choose to REVIEW us.

    Independent Auditors are engaged to monitor every transactional movement in our storage facilities. This means the moment your bullion arrives into our vaults, it is tracked.
    Daily reconciliations and quarterly F.A.C.T. reports will be made to ensure that no fraudulent movement of bullion occurs. Customers can also request for their own personalized F.A.C.T report to be conducted by an Auditor of their own choice.

    Learn more about our F.A.C.T Protocol

    Participate in the world’s first and only physical precious metals exchange now.

    Willing buyers and willing sellers transact physical bullion that is stored within our ecosystem. All traded bullion never leaves the vaults and remains uncirculated. All bullion traded is pre-delivered, and buyers must have sufficient funds to cover their bids.

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    Buy, store, trade and ship your bullion from anywhere around the world privately, conveniently and securely on one single platform.