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  • A peer-to-peer integrated trading platform that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Dictate your own asking price when you are ready to liquidate any portion of your personal holdings. All bullion products traded within SGPMX are delivered directly from internationally recognized mints and will remain “uncirculated” in the vaults, assuring the bullion’s quality and purity.

    Trading at a glance!

    1. Buyers must have sufficient funds for every bid.

    2. Sellers must have the physical allocation of the bullion to sell.

    3. The system matches the Seller's bullion allocation with the Buyer's bid and reassigns ownership of the stored bullion to the Buyer. The funds from the Buyer's account is then transferred to the Seller's account. Traded bullion remains uncirculated.

    Trading at the speed of the Internet.

    With SGPMX’s user-friendly interface, a buy or sell transaction is literally at your fingertips. You can access our Trading Platform wherever you may be, whenever you want.

    Trading has never been more convenient than this!

    1. Register for an SGPMX account.

    2. Submit proof of identity.

    3. Begin trading!

    We have squeezed out all the inefficiencies of physical bullion trading, saving you money and time.

    Enjoy low trading charges for every transaction - you no longer have to suffer large spreads when you sell your precious metals. This is made possible because we have eliminated other transactional costs such as logistics and insurance, as well as the high costs of assaying or verification of precious metals.

    Based in Singapore. GLOBAL in practice. Our platform never sleeps.

    You can access SGPMX any time of the day, from any part of the world. With thousands of participants from all corners of the globe, actively trading, SGPMX is wide awake!

    Buy, store, trade and ship your bullion from anywhere around the world privately, conveniently and securely on one single platform.