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    The Bullionaire Club

    Introducing our upcoming Bullionaire Club where esteemed members can access to our exclusive suite of services focused to providing privacy, security, liquidity and monetising your bullion.

    Membership benefits*

    Ease of use

    Private safe deposit and mail box service

    Ease of use

    Monetise bullion sale proceeds into dedicated prepaid card and debit card

    Ease of use

    Preferred food & beverage and hotel privileges

    Ease of use

    Preferred rates on:

    • - Annual Storage Fee anniversary
    • - Shipping / Insurance
    • - Asset Transfer service
    Ease of use
    • - Deposit / removal / customs clearance within Changi International Airport or Seletar Airport terminal
    • - Limousine pick up between airport terminal and Le Freeport Singapore
    Enjoy a smoother ride

    Enjoy a smoother ride and reach your destination quicker on private charter flights by Seletar Jet Charter and medical charter flights by Red Dot Air Ambulance

    Ease of use

    Private suites catered to individual requirements and needs, including:

    • - Private storage
    • - Private viewing / display
    • - Disaster recovery
    Ease of use

    Exclusive access to members club lounges

    * Subject to Terms and Conditions.

    Join the Bullionaire Club





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