Now everyone can enjoy the privilege of storing their bullion with us!

There is tremendous demand from bullion investors from all over the world to relocate existing bullion stored in various facilities across the globe. As SGPMX does not allow unauthenticated bullion into its trading ecosystem, we have arranged for a program in which circulated bullion can be verified and then relocated into the ecosystem, or circulated bullion can be stored first and authentication could be made later.

This is how circulated bullion is authenticated:

1. Circulate bullion are transported directly to participating internationally recognized mints for authentication or assaying.

2. One of the two processes can happen and it is conducted solely at the discretion of the participating mint with the authorization of the owner of the bullion.
Option 1
Circulated bullion are traded by the mint and the owner, and the newly minted bullion is then sent into the SGPMX ecosystem.
Option 2
Circulated bullion passes the scrutiny of the mint and is allowed by the mint to be sent into the SGPMX ecosystem.

3. Bullion is transported by internationally recognized couriers. Bullion products are listed on the airway bill, and are cleared by Singapore customs.

4. After customs clearance, bullion is transported directly into bonded facility by the courier.

5. Sealed boxes are then opened and jointly inspected by the representatives of both SGPMX and Independent Auditors.

6. Safekeeping records are made and each bullion is individually allocated to its owner. F.A.C.T. Protocol is used to independently track the movements and allocations of all bullion.

7. Safekeeping receipts are given to the owners of the bullion and are used to match the SGPMX records. These receipts will also be used to facilitate future trading requests by the owner.

Buy, store, trade and ship your bullion from anywhere around the world privately, conveniently and securely on one single platform.