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    Verify and relocate your bullion as well as gold and silver certificates from existing facilities across the globe into the SGPMX ecosystem.

    Gold and Silver Bullion

    There is tremendous demand from bullion investors from all over the world to relocate existing bullion stored in various facilities across the globe. As SGPMX does not allow unauthenticated bullion into its trading ecosystem, we have arranged for a program in which circulated bullion can be verified and then relocated into the ecosystem, or circulated bullion can be stored first and authentication could be made later.

    Gold and Silver Certificates

    Physically moving gold, silver and platinum from unallocated, allocated, and pool certificate programs has proven to be cumbersome for many investors in precious metals. This is primarily due to high premiums, significant shipping and insurance costs, and long lead times associated with taking delivery of your metals. In collaboration with Scottsdale Mint, our Asset Transfer Service (ATS) Program makes your unallocated, allocated, and pool transfers easy, cost effective and quick.

    Gold certificates for sale are a convenient way to gain access to precious metals with mint certification. Perth Mint, for example, has a program to easily buy silver and gold certificates. The silver and gold bullion certificates are held on an unallocated basis. Liquidation to fiat is relatively straightforward, however, if you choose to take delivery of your silver and gold bullion certificates, the process can prove to be costly and lengthy for many investing in gold and silver certificates.

    We have developed a one-of-a-kind precious metals transfer service that allows investors to transfer gold, silver, and platinum from platforms such as the Perth Mint Certificate Program. These transfers are done at a fraction of the cost investors may be faced with if attempting to take direct physical delivery, as well as avoiding unnecessary tax consequences.

    How do we ensure all circulated bullion is authenticated?


    Added layer of scrutiny

    Before entering the SGPMX ecosystem, the bullion has to be certified by one of our internationally recognized approved mints to enter into the SGPMX ecosystem.

    Lightbulb Moment

    Direct delivery by internationally recognized couriers

    All circulated bullion are transported directly to our panel of approved mints for certification or assaying.

    Document records

    Comprehensive documentation of records

    From being listed in the shipping airway bill and being cleared, every movement is monitored. All bullion that enters our ecosystem are recorded and reconciled daily.


    Rigorous inspection, transparently

    The sealed boxes of bullion undergoes multi-layered inspections by our logistic providers, customs authority and SGPMX.


    Non-destructive authentication of precious metals

    All certified bullion are subject to additional non-destructive authentication.

    Types of non-destructive authentication of precious metals used

    Weight Verification

    • Weighs gold bullion from 0.01 grams up to 14.2 kilograms / 456 ozt
    • With special draft shield and impact protection for optimal use while weighing gold bullion
    • First and only electronic balance that is permitted to weigh gold bars in accordance with the “Good Delivery Rules” of the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association)

    Precious Metals Verifier

    • Measures completely through the sample
    • Measures the sample thickness
    • Reads through numismatic cases
    • External Bridge: Measure bars up to 45 mm thick
    • Refiners wand measures 50% deeper
    • Small wand for use with 1/20 oz & 1 gram samples
    • Microwand measures down to 3 mm spot size

    XRF (X-Ray Fluorescent) Spectrometer

    • Immediate / accurate representation of the surface metal composition listing detected metals

    Mint/Manufacture seals, serials and hallmarks

    Mint/Manufacture seals, serials and hallmarks

    Fire Assay Testing
    (only for re-fabrication)

    Fire Assay Testing

    Indicative pricing for verification and asset transfer

    Asset Service Ounce Rate
    Silver Verified <1,000 $0.90 - $1.10 per oz
    Silver Verified 5,000 $0.70 - $0.90 per oz
    Silver Verified +10,000 $0.50 - $0.70 per oz
    Silver Re-Fabrication 10,000 $1.00 - $1.30 per oz
    Gold Verified 500 0.75% - 1.00%
    Gold Verified 1,000 0.50% - 0.75%
    Gold Verified 1,000+ Contact Us

    ** subject to additional 8% GST


    - The all inclusive ATS Program is only applicable in the US. Costs cover shipping/insurance to Scottsdale Mint, re-fabrication/asset verification, shipping/insurance to SGPMX, along with export permitting and documentation. Keep in mind, we only offer re-fabrication for non-legal tender silver bullion products.

    - For other parts of the world, customers can opt for a "Certified Asset Transfer" or a "Non-Certified Asset Transfer Service" to store their bullion with SGPMX.

    Costs of shipping/insurance and asset verification will be quoted individually when you send us details via our ATS form by clicking the button below.

    The Annual Storage fee is renewable yearly.



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