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- PROTECTION from lawsuits

- PROTECTION from political and currency risks

- FINANCIAL PRIVACY and regulatory advantages

- PRIVATELY STORE precious metals in your IRA


1 A Self-Directed IRA account is established or transferred.

2 The client forms an offshore company that the Self-Directed IRA will own.

3 The offshore company opens an account with SGPMX. The client is the sole signatory on the account and directs all investment decisions.

4 The client moves funds from existing retirement account in the US to the new Self Directed IRA where funds will then be forwarded to SGPMX for procurement of precious metals.

5 Your Gold IRA is now safe and protected offshore. You may now buy and sell within the SGPMX platform with all of the tax benefits of an IRA/401k and privacy, protection and safety benefits of an offshore account.


- High Security Storage - Fully Insured

- Third party Checks and Balances

- Zero Western Ownership

- On-Demand Audits - Visit Your Metals

- 24-Hour Trading Platform - Instant Liquidity

- Asset Transfer Service - Transfer existing metals

100% IRS Compliant

Guidance from US Tax Attorneys

Instant Liquidity through SGPMX

Secure storage in tax free zone

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