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    Selling your jewellery, gold/silver scrap

    We can either refine and convert your scrap into investment bullion bars which can then be stored securely at SGPMX if you so wish.

    Alternatively we can guarantee accurate assessment of your scrap and offer competitive pricing and fast payout, ensuring the maximum return at the lowest cost to you.

    Step 1

    We will collect your Jewellery, Gold / Silver scrap via our secured logistics partners

    All packages will be weighed/sealed in individual tamper evident secured bags and are fully insured whilst in transit to our appointed refiners / mints

    Step 2

    Authentication / assaying will be done via our appointed refiners / mints and a personalised assay report will provided individually.

    Step 3

    You now have the option to swap your scrap based on the assay report into bullion or sold for cash.

    Step 4

    You have the option to take physical delivery of the bullion or have it stored on the SGPMX exchange trading platform to be traded

    Get a quote today!

    Enjoy maximum returns at the lowest cost when you sell your jewellery or gold and silver scraps with us.