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    Easily set aside an amount of gold and silver monthly using the Recurring Purchase feature on the Asset Conversion Exchange (ACE) Mobile Application and redeem or sell for cash later.

    Why accumulate monthly?

    A well-practiced and successful investment strategy, the method of monthly accumulation allows investors to buffer the ups and downs of the gold and/or silver market(s), which usually translates to above-average long-term returns. With the ACE Account, the accumulated bullion in your account can be sold back for cash or physically withdrawn later.

    The new Recurring Purchase feature on ACE

    Users will be able to enjoy these benefits from the monthly gold and silver Accumulator via credit card or cash wallet:

    Bigger savings

    Get bigger savings with ACE. The following table illustrates the price comparison and potential savings buying between ACE and a 1 oz coin:

    1 Troy Ounce Savings in:
    Coin ACE
    (+Transaction Fee)
    Gold 1,900.58 1,816.79 83.79 4.41%
    Silver 40.18 27.09 13.09 32.58%

    Prices shown are as of 6 July 2021

    Build wealth over time

    Buy gold and silver bullion on Recurring Purchase (or at any time) to dollar cost average your holdings.

    Free storage

    ACE provides FREE storage for your 100% allocated gold/silver.



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