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    In our continuous efforts to provide better product offerings with improved security and accessibility, we have migrated the Asset Conversion Exchange (ACE) Mobile Application to the Stacker Market platform.

    Similar to ACE, Stacker Market is an all-in-one global physical precious metals platform that facilitates fractional trades that can be securely accessed via desktop, mobile or tablet devices.

    Asset Conversion Exchange (ACE)

    Trade and monetise gold/silver in fractions.


    An exclusive app for registered Singapore Precious Metals Exchange account holders to Buy, Sell, Transfer and Redeem 100% physically backed Gold and Silver instantly within the Exchange platform.

    • Trade gold/silver in fractions of USD 0.01
    • FREE storage*
    • Instant transfer
    • Minimum purchase of USD 1.00
    • Low transaction fees
    • Instant liquidity
    • Redeemable

    *Terms & Conditions apply.

    How it works

    How the ACE Apps works

    What can you use our app for?

    ACe Mobile Application
    ACe Mobile Application
    ACe Mobile Application
    ACe Mobile Application


    Buy gold/silver* via bank wire transfer, credit card or with funds from your SGPMX Trading Account.



    Automate your monthly purchases of gold/silver using your cash wallet or credit card. Read More


    Sell gold/silver* for cash. Proceeds from sales are credited into your ACE cash wallet, which can be transferred to your SGPMX Trading Account.


    Instantly transfer gold/silver* to another ACE user.


    Choose from the various physical gold denominations (1 g, 5 g, 50 g, 100 g & 1,000 g) or silver denominations (1 oz, 10 oz, 100 oz & 1 kg) and have it delivered to your preferred location or self-collect from Le Freeport, Singapore.

    (Shipping insurance and premium manufacturing fees are applicable)


    Transact and monetise sale proceeds of your gold* with ease via the convenience of a debit card**.

    (Transfer funds from your ACE cash wallet or SGPMX Trading Account to your designated debit card)

    *The ACE Account is 100% backed by physical gold and silver, and storage is fully allocated. Subject to Terms & Conditions.


    How to start using our app?

    I am...

    1. Register

      Register here to create an SGPMX Trading Account.

    2. Install

      Download and install the ACE Mobile Application.

    3. Login

      Login into the app using the details you registered with.

    4. Verify

      Verify your account using the OTP (One Time Password) that will be sent to your registered email.

    ...and start trading!

    Kindly note that the ACE Mobile Application is not compatible with all tablet devices.

    Note: If you need help with ACE Mobile Application, please find it under "Settings".



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