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    Welcome to the first and only 100% backed precious metals trading platform, made by serious investors for the serious investor.

    How does trading bullion on SGPMX work?

    Two Basic Rules

    Two basic rules for trading participants:

    1. All Buyers must have sufficient funds to support each bid made.
    2. All Sellers must have the physical allocation of the bullion to sell.

    Automated System Matching

    When a bid is made by the Buyer, the system matches the Seller’s bullion allocation with the bid and reassigns the bullion ownership to the Buyer.

    The funds from the Buyer’s account is then transferred to the Seller’s account.

    New Owner Allocation

    Real time audits ensure that all bullion traded within the SGPMX ecosystem are fully allocated and segregated. This also means that the new owner of the bullion will be recognised in the system.

    In A Nutshell

    The SGPMX Trading Platform is a tool where willing Buyers and Sellers transact physical bullion stored within the ecosystem.

    The traded bullion remains UNCIRCULATED.

    What can you do with bullion purchased on SGPMX?

    Trading Process

    Our Trading Platforms

    SGPMX Exchange Platform Stacker Market
    Main highlight Peer-to-peer trading opportunity Trade in fractions instantly
    Features Buy and sell 100% fully-allocated physical bullion (gold/silver) that are dedicated and insured Buy and sell 100% physically backed LBMA 1kg gold and silver bar (9999) on an independent platform
    Price determining factor Price of your choice Gold and silver spot price (market price)
    Minimum trade value (USD) $1,000.00* $1.00*
    • 0.25% trading fee (buy or sell)*
    • 0.50% annual storage fee for gold (buy only)*
    • 0.70% annual storage fee for silver (buy only)*
    • 1.00% trading fee for gold (buy or sell)*
    • 1.50% trading fee for silver (buy or sell)*
    • 0.25% transfer fee*
    • FREE storage**
    Trade with Private investors, bullion traders, institutions, refiner, mints Any Stacker Market user

    *All fees and administrative charges are subject to 8% GST

    **Terms & Conditions apply

    Read More About Stacker Market

    … or continue reading about the SGPMX Exchange Platform below.

    What safekeeping mechanisms do we implement?


    Individual Bullion Safekeeping Statement

    The Bonded Storage Storekeepers records bullion products in a Master Bar List which contains ownership details of all owners. Each individual bullion is then allocated and stored according to their respective owners.


    Audit of Reports

    Audits are real-time and is subject to regular physical inspection by the Singapore Customs Authority and appointed third-party Auditors. This is to ensure all bullion are properly tracked and that the trading platform database and safekeeping records matches.


    Updating Online Records Of Member

    The trading platform’s database will be updated and the member’s online records of their safekeeping and bar list of all owned bullion in storage will be reflected. Copies of each instruction will be given to External Auditors as well.


    Inform Storekeepers At Real-time

    When a successful transaction takes place, SGPMX will provide the Storekeepers a real-time list of the successful trade, who will in turn update the Master Bar List.

    Think of trading as a meet and greet

    We make every effort to know our customers for your peace of mind.

    What is our Know-Your-Customers (KYC) protocol?

    We ensure our Trading Platform participants only deal with genuine accounts via our thorough KYC process. The KYC process includes:

    • Verification of personal details with personal identification documents (i.e. drivers license, passport, national ID).
    • Matching identities between Trading Account and valid bank account.
    • Matching identities for allocation and issuance of safekeeping statement.




    Stacker Market